Help the energy transition. Reduce electricity bills.

We need your help to conduct a pilot study to see if community energy trading offers a pathway to lower emissions and lower electricity bills. You should save money too. Sign up now or read on…


Central Coast SolarShare is an ‘energy trading network’ on the NSW Central Coast, run by local non-profit community groups. It uses an app called Powertracer to let people with no solar panels buy cheap electricity from people with solar panels.

EVERYONE can join!
If you don’t have solar panels you use it to buy cheap electricity.
If you have panels, you sell electricity at above the feed-in tariff.

Reduce emissions
Energy trading takes place when solar panels are generating, during the day. Cheap daytime rates encourage members to use electricity in the day (from solar) rather than at night (from coal).

Pilot study
Central Coast Solar Share is a pilot study run with Powertracer developer Enosi and University of Technology Sydney (UTS). If we find energy trading reduces emissions, we’ll push for it to be adopted more widely, to help Australia quit coal faster.

Trading is automatic, using Powertracer’s algorithm; you set and forget.

Energy Locals
Powertracer is only available in our region via energy retailer Energy Locals. Note that if you buy say 30% of your energy via energy trading, the other 70% will come from Energy Locals at their normal rates.

Savings (and risk)
Energy trading itself will save you money. For the rest of your electricity use, Energy Locals’ tariffs are likely to be similar to what you’re paying at your current retailer (compare here) so it’s likely you’ll save money (we think between $100-$350 a year). However, there is a small risk switching to Energy Locals might leave you slightly worse off (maybe $100-$200 at worst). Energy Locals also charge $149 for a smart meter, which you need to use Powertracer, if you don’t already have one.

Sign up now!
If you are comfortable taking this small financial risk to do something positive to help speed up the energy transition (but, we stress, you’ll probably save money), please sign up now!