Climate crisis
We are on target to go way beyond the 1.5C warming above which scientists say we face climate disaster. We must switch from fossil fuels to renewables urgently.

Read this article summarising the state of the climate.

Why energy trading helps
Central Coast SolarShare is “road-testing” a new tool – community energy trading – that aims to incentivise households to switch electricity use from the evening (when it comes from coal) to the day (when, in Australia, it comes mainly from solar).

Switching more energy use to the day will speed up the energy transition because we will need fewer expensive batteries to phase out coal in the evening. 

Why a pilot study is important
Having a study with real-life data on the benefits of energy trading is vital to push for wider adoption. No such study is currently taking place. By setting one up we think we can (with your help) contribute something of potential value to the energy transition.

We will share our findings with policymakers, climate NGOs and other community energy groups to help them advocate for wider adoption.

Even if energy trading proves less useful than we believe, that is important to find out. We might identify obstacles that need to be overcome.