Energy trading should reduce your electricity bills. We think you will save around $350 a year if you don’t have solar panels and $100 more than the feed-in tariff if you do. However, at the moment we can’t guarantee these savings; that’s the whole point of running a pilot study).

The worst-case, if energy trading produces no benefits, is you will pay Energy Locals’ normal rates.

Is this more or less than your current retailer?

The chart below, from the Compare the Market website, lists typical retailer costs (from 2022, prices have of course risen since). You can compare Energy Locals with your current retailer. Remember, this is the worst case for Energy Locals without factoring in savings from energy trading.

The NSW government also has typical retailer prices on its Energy Made Easy website.

Energy Locals also ranks well in Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Guide.

(Obviously, these are typical figures and your actual bills depends upon your own usage.)